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Land Policy Amended- No longer discriminating married women.

One of the pledges that His Excellency made in the run up to the 2019 General Elections was to amend the Land Policy which disadvantaged married women.

The old Botswana Land Policy of 2015 was found to have discriminatory clauses against married women. If a woman got married and their spouse had already been allocated a residential plot the woman could not be allocated a plot. 

President Mokgweetsi E. K. Masisi. (SH)

Section 72 (iii) stated that since only one spouse can apply for a plot, the surviving spouse must as a right inherit their land allocations. 

President Masisi argued that this was discriminatory to women and they had every entitlement to be allocated land just like men and he promised to ensure that they policy was amended.This sub section has since been repealed. 

The Revised Botswana Land Policy of 2019 now gives married women the right to apply for land. To read; 

"Each Motswana will be eligible for allocation of one residential plot at an area of their choice within the country, on both state land and tribal land. "

Section 72 also of the Botswana Land Policy 2015 recognises that there are instances where some widows and orphans are compelled to head households and find themselves in an urgent need of land for residential purposes as a result of being denied access to their deceased husband’s or parents’ property. 

However, the rights of these are protected in the law and the Policy and encourages Local and Land Authorities as well as Non-Governmental Organisations to step up campaigns to educate women and orphans about their legally protected rights and offer them legal support to successfully claim their legitimate land right.

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