Raccoons attack journalists at White House

Gang of raccoons attacked journalists outside the White House, with one of the trash pandas allegedly grabbing a photographer and a correspondent. Are they President Trump’s anti-media stormtroopers, people on Twitter ask.

A raccoon “attacked multiple news crews” on the North Lawn of the White House on Monday morning, CBS journalist Paula Reid reported on Twitter. One of the critters “allegedly grabbed [the] pant leg of a photographer & then a correspondent before being fended off.”

According to Reid, White House staff reached out to the US General Services Administration, presumably so the raccoons could be chased away.

Reid’s tweet quickly went viral, with the Twitter #Resistance suggesting that the raccoons showed up at the White House to “clear out the trash” and evict President Trump. However, with Trump’s distaste for the liberal media well known, others joked that the curious creatures must surely have been ordered to attack the reporters.

While marauding bands of raccoons aren’t known for terrorizing the media, they occasionally poke their noses onto White House grounds. President Calvin Coolidge was even given one by a supporter in 1926, who suggested it be cooked and eaten. Instead, the Coolidge family adopted the creature, naming her ‘Rebecca’ and dressing her in an embroidered collar reading “White House Raccoon.”

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