Chinmaya Foundation's Day 289 Of Non-stop Covid-19 Awareness and Relief Distribution Program

India's national rural social common people's organization, Chinmaya Foundation through its Dolphin Dance School project has continued saving lives.
In the wake of the widespread raging Covid-19 pandemic, the foundation has raising awareness and distributing relief food and materials communities hit across India.
The Chinmaya Foundation is raising Covid19 awareness through drama, folk dances and songs, bulletin literature, and booklets.
Additionally the Organization distributes relief materials such as masks, soaps, sanitizers, bliching powder, hand gloves, dry and cooked food stuffs, blankets,winter dress, bedsheets and other commodities for the poor & needy persons.
Today, the organization ministered to the poor and mental patients through its day 289 of non-stop Covid19 Awareness and Relief Distribution Programs in Singhpur area of Odisha.
Spearheading the program has been Mr.Chinmaya Dash, the national chairperson of Chinmaya Foundation with Master Mihir Kumar, the director of Dolphin Dance School & group & other members in the behalf of the foundation.
Political leaders, intellectuals as well as general public continue to appreciate the Chinmaya Foundation for its concerted efforts at saving lives.

As reported from: Office of the Chinmaya Foundation

At-BabalPur ,Po- NandiPur ,Via- DasarathPur,District-JajPur, State-Odisha, Pin-755006,Bharat (India)


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