India: Mr.Chinmaya Dash-an International Philanthropist

A small village of India (Bharat) named BabalPur under JajPur district of Odisha State,a saturated social worker an eminent orator,worshiper of Vedic richuals, culture & literature,young educationalist, famous International journalist as well as a reputed international philanthropist, Mr.Chinmaya Dash was born & brought of a lap of Mr.Gunanidhi Dash a Secondary retired teacher in Sanskrit literature (pandit) & mother Late Ramasundari Dash,a house wife simultaneously Mr.Dash is an educationalist eminent orator international journalist, Philanthropist & ideal young man of the society.
He has complete mastered degree in 19th subjects like History, Sociology, Human Rights & Duties of Education, Journalism & Mass Communication,Rural Development,Odia literature (which has given the Odisha state a special identification in the world),so many therapies of integrated medicine etc along with bachelors degree of Law (LLB), Diploma in Urdu language.

His strong will power, dedication & perseverance have made him great and unique.Now he is the Chairperson of Chinmaya Foundation, National Educational Development Research & Training (NEDRET) Foundation,Ramasundari Dash Memorial School (R.D.M.S)of Art & Culture,Byasadev Vedic Brahmins Federation (B.V.B.F),Saraswatee BidyaMandir (SBM)Trust, Secretary of Search Human Inwords Vedic Ability Mission (SHIVAM),Janakalyan Foundation Vice-chairman of Biswabharatee Foundation For Science & Education (BFSE)J&K etc. and created a special identification that leads no where.

Since a long time has dedicated & selfless effort has taught the rural uneducated & undeveloped people haw to escape the current threat of the world.

The pandemic Corona virus through has own effort without taking any government aid, Chinmaya Foundation his unique creation has come helping the victim of devastating flood,Corona affected people with nonstop 283 days till now.

A lot of people are new leaving benefitted by his social service & distribution relief commodities to the poorest of the poor in the society.

Recentely he is working as the Lecture of History along with counselor of Odisha State Open University,SambalPur.By his teaching profession he has created a great number of genius students in Odisha & enriched the Odia language & created an example among the young educational professionals.
His progressive works are published in various newspapers & channels of different countries of the World like Africa,Zambia,Japan,Nepal,Bhutan,Timber least, Ukraine,Nigeria,Tanzania etc.

For his great achievement he has been honoured by more than one thousand organizations of India.We wish Mr.Dash's long & prosperous life from DIRAMAKINI.

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