South Africa has announced the closure of its 20 land port of entries-Major General Jackson Miti confirmed

South Africa has announced the closure of its 20 land port of entries as part of the on going alert level three measures to fight increasing numbers of corona virus infections, by Diramakini Reporter.
Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Major General Jackson Miti confirmed that President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the border closures in a televised address to the nation.

He mentioned that among the six busiest borders that have been closed until 15th of February were Beitbridge and Lebombo.

The High Commissioner advised Zambians intending to enter or depart South Africa to ensure that they are among categories of people that were exempted from travel restrictions.

He mentioned that the announced categories of people that would be allowed to enter or depart South Africa included transporters of fuel, cargo and goods, emergency medical attention for life-threatening conditions and permanent residents.

Others also allowed to travel were foreign nationals leaving South Africa and daily commuters attending school in that country.

President Ramaphosa mentioned that based on recommendations of the National Coronavirus Command Council, Cabinet decided to maintain the country on adjusted alert level three in addition to new restrictions to reduce the high risk of transmission

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