Chinmaya Foundation's Nonstop Day Number 369Of Covid19 Awareness and Relief Program in India

The national level rural social common peoples organization of India which is established at a small village BabalPur on the district of JajPur by registered on date 17th May 2011 with local government,The Chinmaya Foundation has continued saving lives through many ways.
Today, the Covid19 awareness and relief distribution program was being conducted for day number 370 and the foundation took time to plan more for thousand thousand numbers of families receiving its support in it's home state Odisha.

The foundation organise a awareness rally & members are distribute materials & aware to the peoples to showing various placards & slogans in VyasaNagar location with the support of The Maa Sharala Mass Group of Tinahathinga & other youth & women's organizations with spearheading the program has been Mr.Chinmaya Dash, the national chairperson of Chinmaya Foundation and Smt.Mina Mallick the President of Maa Sharala Mass Group,Smt.Saraswatee Mallick the Vice-president of Maa Sharala Mass Group,Writter Sasmita Jena,Prafulla Kumar Satapathy,Saroj Kumar Jena,Social Worker Chintsmani Mallick,Alok Mallick,Partha Sarathi Nayak,Mamina Sethi,Ambuja Mallick,Muna Mallick,Kumari Rao,Rabindra Mallick,Gitarani Mallick,Kalandi Mallick,Sunei Sethi,Bhima Mallick,Mitu Mallick,Puspa Didi,Kanhu Mallick,Ajaya Mallick,Hemanta Dehuri,Manasi Mallick,Manoj Manjari Jena,Sumanta Mallick & other members are cooperated whole heartily with the behalf of the foundation.

As reported from : Office of the Chinmaya Foundation

At-BabalPur ,Po- NandiPur ,Via- DasarathPur,District- JajPur ,State-Odisha,Pin-755006,Bharat(India)

Mob-(+91)9938810539 /8328876038

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