Newspaper front pages for the 17th of April 2021

The Guardian Tanzania says Speaker Job Ndugai cautions frugal MPs hiring motorcycles.

The Times Saturday says the Queen bids farewell.
Country News from Pakistan says dialogue is only way to resolve Kashmir dispute.
i newspaper from UK says Pregnant women can get Covid-19 jab.

The Guardian UK says green light for pregnant women to have Covid-19 jab.
Financial Times weekend says Banks new build ban hits plan to lift 'generation rent' on to housing ladder.
Farewell Price Phillip; THE Daily Telegraph says With grateful hearts, we remember the many ways in which his long life has been a blessing to us-
The Daily Mail says the fact William and Harry won’t be walking side by side in Prince Philip’s funeral procession could be seen as a failure by the “estranged” brothers to bury their differences in the cause of showing family unity.
Citizen newspaper from Tanzania says Cashew harvests drop to 4-year low.

Country News says CM KP reviews  latest situation of Corona pandemic

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