Eudoxie Yao:Sitamuacha mume wangu kamwe

Mrembo mwenye umbo matata raia wa Ivory Coast na mwanamitindo, Eudoxie Yao ametoa ujumbe maalum kwa mume wake mwanamuziki raia wa Guinea, Moussa Sanguiana Kaba maarufu Grand P akisisitiza kuwa, watendelea kupendana daima.

"Hakuna ambaye anaweza kutenganisha ndege wapendanao, ninakupenda sana baby wangu Grand P,"amesema Eudoxie.HIZI NI BAADHI YA NYIMBO ZA GRAND P.

Grrand P mwenye umri wa miaka 28 anatajwa kuwa miongoni mwa wasanii wenye sauti tamu kutoka Guinea ambapo alizaliwa Oktoba 13, 1993. 

Nyota huyo anasifika kwa nyimbo zake tamu za lugha ya Kifaransa huku akitajwa kuwa na ukwasi wa mamilioni ya fedha zinazotokana kazi za muziki,uigizaji na siasa.


Who is Grand P?

Grand P is a popular Guinean singer, actor, social media personality, and politician. He is one of the most celebrated music icons in Guinea due to his ability to create a mark in the Guinean entertainment industry despite having a major genetic problem.

Grand P was born with a rare genetic disease called progeria. Which means he starts aging right from birth. His health condition limits his height to two meters. But, the Guinean born star is not dissuaded by his health issue. He is living the dream that many people desire, thanks to his success in the entertainment industry. Grand P was born Moussa Sandiana Kaba in Sanguiana, Nabaya, Guinea in 1993.

Grand P is in a relationship with Ivorian model Eudoxie Yao. They got engaged in August 2020 and are planning to marry in early 2021.

Their relationship is not void of trolls who speculate that Eudoxie is engaged to Grand P to get his money. However, she has countlessly refuted the rumor, saying that her love for the Guinean singer is real and she is not engaged to him for his money.
Grand P career

Africa is constantly experiencing a massive surge of artists and creatives that are capitalizing on the growing appetite for music globally. Grand P from Guinea is described as one artist who is particularly dominant and has managed to capture everybody’s attention.

Suffering from progeria which gave him a different physique he still performed during a show by Kerfalla Kanté at the People’s Palace in Conakry, in 2019. He released a song titled “Indépendance” on 2 October 2020 to mark the Guinean independence day.  Grand P has collaborated with top icons in the Guinean music industry including the likes of Azaya and King Alasko. He has few singles, collaborations, and an album to his name.

His album is titled “I khadi nanna” and his singles include “Grand P Barana”, “Life”, “Syli”. In 2019, he was featured by Sidiki Diabaté in a single titled “Irhafama”. On 11 September 2020, He was also featured by Boncena in another single titled “Amour Ndoto (Dream)”. 

Grand P is one of the richest artists in Guinea, His success in the entertainment industry is enviable and his fan base is very supportive. His net worth is estimated to be around $100,000 as of 2021. He is indeed a wealthy musician and politician with multiple sources of income.

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