INDIA: One Days Daru Statue Installation Ceremony at BalabhadraPur

As reported from:Mr.Chinmaya Dash

One day the statue installation has been held under Covid-19 rules at Balabhadrapur of Binjharpur Block of Jajpur district in the state of Odisha, India.
On this occasion,in the establishment Jajnya organised under the supervision of Mr.Dhaneswar Prusty & Mrs.Susama Prusty.
In that program at Brahma of the Jajnya Mr.Nirmal Panda,As Jajnyacharya Mr.Dipua Panda,Nyasacharya, Mr.Ramachandra Mishra,Jajnya supervisor Mr.Shyamsundar Pathy,As Pustakacharya Senior lecturer & Journalist and international organizer Dr.Chinmaya Dash,Samidhacharya Naresh Panda are do installation ceremony program.
On this occasion Ankur(seed)adhibasa,Suryapuja(worship of Sun god),Gurugobinda puja(worship of teacher & god),Dhenu puja (worship of cow),Vedahuti etc. are worked by the pandits.
KetakilataPrusty,Radhashyam Prusty,Rajendra Prusty,Rakhal Prusty,Ranjan Prusty,Manasi Prusty,SusenPrusty,Ranjan Sahu & all the villagers of Balabharapur are cooperated in this program.

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