The Chinmaya Foundation's Covid-19 Awareness and Relief Distribution Reached in 416 days

Bharat(India): India's leading social welfare organization under the Jajpur district of Odisha has been reaching out to the people at various times in an effort to save the lives of others and to put a smile on the face of the helpless by defeating the epidemic of coronation. 

Sincee March 22, 2020, unarmed soldiers have been providing uninterrupted awareness and service for 416days today.
The distribution of dry and cooked food, Mask, Soap, Sanitizer, O.R.S, Sharee, Clothing, Biscuits etc. to the financially disadvantaged has been provided to the financially disadvantaged. 

The program is expected to continue indefinitely, according to the Foundation.

With the direction of Mr.Chinmaya Dash,the national chairperson of Chinmaya Foundation Miss Madhusmita Nayak, Director of Dolphin Dance School & Group Master Mihir Kumar,Social worker Mr.Shashikanta Nayak,Journalist Dibakar Mallick & others are managed that program at Dasarathpur block jurisdiction.

The Chinmaya Foundation has sat itself as the best example of a charity organizations admits the raging pandemic.

As reported from: Office Of The Chinmaya Foundation.

At:BabalPur,Po:NandiPur,Via:DasarathPur, District:JajPur,State:Odisha-755006,Bharat(INDIA)


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