INDIA:Chinmaya Foundations Awareness And Relief Distribution Program Reached Its 487th day

The Chinmaya Foundation, a leading social welfare organization in Babalpur, Jajpur district of Odisha State, has been raising awareness of the need to risk its life since March 22nd 2020, and has been relentlessly spreading relief throughout India for four hundred and eighty seven days.
In this regard, today, on behalf of the Foundation Headquarters, led by the Foundation’s Founding Chairman Chinmaya Das h, the staff has been educating the people of Aruha, Ahiyas, Katia, Bhanjsahi and other areas about the epidemic and the poor, helpless, beggars.

It was attended by all the staff including Mr. Shashikant Nayak, Secretary of the Foundation, Mr.Surendra Pandav the Vice-Chairman, Master Mihir Kumar the Ast.Secy and Mrs. Madhusmita Nayak the Treasurer with all the members of the foundation.

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