INDIA:Death of a young social worker due to negligence in the treatment of doctors

(As Reported By: Chinmaya Dash,India)

Demands for high-level investigation. Voluntary organizations across the state will respond appropriately if not properly investigated.

It is said that the doctor is the second god. So if that god is thirsty for a lot of money, the condition of the society will be deteriorating.
These clinics, with the help of doctors and brokers, are cutting the pockets of the general public. 

A similar suspicious incident took place at *Chanakya Hospital* on the outskirts of Cuttack city of Odisha state. No receipts were given by the authorities for the tests that were being carried out on the cost of the money. 

 Relatives of the doctors informed the local police officer about the affair. Eleven days have passed since today but no action has been taken by the administration. 

So this dissatisfaction is gradually building up among the general public. It has defined the talenious steps to receive the seed sowers and warned all the believers on the army.

For the salvation of the departed soul, under the supervision of the aged saint Swami Bhagavatananda Saraswati, the villagers recited the Vedas, the Shrimad Bhagabat Gita, the Purusha Sukta, the Narayani Sukta, the Vishnu Sahasra Nama along with the Hari Sankirtan.

At the memorial service on the occasion, the minds of the Kishor Das wished the immortal soul well in the gods kingdom.

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