Likes:Let the night pass in the golden sun

Muktirani Debata

 Well, nature is fascinating

 The evening incense that satisfies the mind.

 The abundance of flowers delights the heart

 I wonder how many more thoughts there are.

 Rainbow is the epitome of saptarang and greenery

 It's a pleasure to play with your lips.

 Koili's Kuhutan brings Fagun's love

 Let the night pass in the golden sun.

 The rays of the rising sun with the springs of the blue sea

 There is always death near man.

 The boundaries of the vast sky are the boundaries

 How long has it been, comrade Go!  Your appearance.

 The roar of the noisy birds

 It sounds sweet to Shruti.

 It's raining cats and dogs

 How much pain you get in your love affair.

 The river is worth finding in the sea

 The woman is called Sati.

 The arrival of spring is full of greenery

 The cold environment is instantaneous.

 The smell of evil Malay brings joy

 The dead make the mind come alive.

 Farewell to the tiredness of the mind

 Nothing happens in the world of false magic.






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