Newspaper front pages for the 19th of July, 2021

The Times has a stark warning that daily COVID cases could rise to 200,000 in a matter of weeks as restrictions are relaxed.


Public reaction forced the prime minister and chancellor to self-isolate instead of taking part in a pilot testing scheme after Sajid Javid caught COVID – that’s the take in the Daily Express.

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Boris Johnson is pleading with people to be cautious, the Daily Mirror says, despite warnings from experts that relaxing restrictions on “freedom day” could see another surge in COVID cases.

The Daily Star mocks the prime minister’s U-turn over COVID isolation on its front page.

The Guardian has an exclusive report on what it calls the “global abuse” of a spy weapon.

Boris Johnson’s U-turn over self-isolation was “humiliating”, according to the Daily Mail, which demands he ends what it calls the “pingdemic farce”. 

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“Freedom Day” has become a farce because of the latest increase in COVID cases – that’s the assessment of The Daily Telegraph.

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The Metro says Boris Johnson became a victim of the “pingdemic” and claims the prime minister was “shamed” into a U-turn over isolating rather than joining a pilot testing plan after Sajid Javid’s positive COVID test. 

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