Newspaper front pages for the 20th of July, 2021

Boris Johnson suggested that only people over 80 would die in last year’s autumn outbreak, the Daily Mirror says, reporting on an interview the BBC did with former Downing Street aide Dominic Cummings.

The Daily Express leads with the warnings given at the Downing Street press conference – which Boris Johnson attended remotely from isolation – that there could still be outbreaks of the coronavirus following the so-called “Freedom Day”.

The double vaccination requirement for people to enter nightclubs and other venues from later this year is the splash for The Times, with the paper highlighting how the government wants to encourage young people to get a jab.With 1.7 million people reportedly “pinged” and told to isolate by the NHS app, the Daily Star brands the opening up of England “Carry on Chaos”.

The Daily Telegraph joins a number of other newspapers on leading with the news that a course of two vaccinations will be needed to attend a nightclub from September, with the government hoping this will incentivise young people to get jabbed.
The return of clubs and the easing of other restrictions on Monday is the top story in the Metro, alongside the news that only those double jabbed would be allowed into clubs in September.
The Financial Times leads with the story that key workers will be exempted from isolation rules, as confirmed by prime minister Boris Johnson.

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