Newspaper front pages for the 22nd of July, 2021

“Grub panic” could leave us hungry, and the “bog roll bandits” are back, the Daily Star reports.
The Daily Express leads with a new stand-off over Brexit.
Supermarkets say that a growing number of staff and delivery drivers are being forced to isolate due to possible COVID-19 exposure, leaving shelves bare in some parts of the UK – that’s on the front of The Times.
Shutdown replaces lockdown, the i says, with the number of people having to isolate hitting retail, transport, tourism, manufacturing, NHS and police particularly hard.
The Daily Mail calls for action from the prime minister, reporting that as many as 1.7 million workers are thought to be isolating due to possible exposure to COVID-19.
The Daily Mirror reacts angrily to the government’s offer of a 3% pay rise for NHS workers.
There are calls for supermarket workers, lorry drivers and other frontline employees to be exempt from the isolation requirements after being “pinged” by the COVID-19 app – that’s on the front of The Daily Telegraph.
The Guardian leads with the threat of a strike by nurses over the 3% pay rise offer for NHS staff.
The strain of Britain’s “self-isolation explosion” is starting to show on supermarket shelves, reports Metro. Our story is here.
The Financial Times leads with coverage of Bridgepoint Advisers’ first day of trading.

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