Newspaper front pages for the 30th of July, 2021

More than five fans of Katie Price have lost money after being scammed by a “rogue trader” the media star was paid to promote – that’s the lead in The Sun.
The Times says the imposition of quarantine rules for French visitors was based on cases of the COVID Delta variant on the French overseas territory of Reunion, thousands of miles away from the mainland.
A “travel war” is on the cards, the Daily Express warns, as the EU forces even fully vaccinated British tourists to go into quarantine as part of its revenge for Brexit.
The Daily Mail says Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has given tacit backing to firms insisting employees returning to offices must have had two COVID jabs, calling it “smart policy”.
The Daily Mirror says 60,000 people are alive thanks to the vaccine programme.
The Guardian covers a landmark report by MPs that criticises the police and ministers for failing to improve their record on race.

The Daily Telegraph casts doubt on exactly how many people are in hospital because of COVID, based on a survey taken before Freedom Day.
Google workers will only be able to return to its US offices if they have had two COVID vaccine injections – that’s the lead in the Metro.
The Financial Times says contributions to the Tory Party from donors linked to the property industry have increased since Boris Johnson, whose planning reforms some claim benefit developers, became prime minister.

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