Urban Night And You

 Chinmaya Dash

 The night is full of memories

 Memories are all wounds

 In the horrible form of mercy /

 One after the other, frightened.

 Evening comes at the strange sound of the ghost of the *pal*(Vegetable field) and the ghost of the babana(An imaginary thought).

 Shameful moon no longer spoke.

 Flower forest, star match

 True or false.


 In the quiet of the night

 After the whole city fell asleep

 Body sales continue /

 Five, twenty-five and fifty.

 Seven worn clothes /


 Where there is money or money

 Of a weak and intoxicated husband.

 Husbands are advertising posters.

 The night increases / the addiction increases.

 The siren of the police vehicle is heard.

 The locusts are coming.

 Two or four teams wearing gentle masks holding a guard armor /

 Tiger, bear , fox or dog /

 What wild forest man /

 What a weird animal/

 That is not known.

 The nights of the slums are forcibly taken away by ignorance.

 But you are just like before.

 Break the nightmares of  recklessly.

 Keep the windows open like that.

 Whether it's night or not

 Your forehead is waiting for the morning.


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