INDIA: A 20th Review Meeting Of The Chinmaya Foundation's Quincentennial Day's For Epidemic Covid-19 Awareness And Relief Distribution Program

On the one hand, the world is in the throes of an epidemic, and on the other, the government is calling for a shutdown & luckdown .
Life was on the road to the horrors of death with the torment of the coronation. That is from March 22nd, 2020. 

Today marks the five hundred day of continuous uninterrupted process in all corners of the country through a variety of cultural programs with awareness of epidemic corona with masks, soaps, sanitizers, ORS, hand gloves, bleaching powder,cook & dry food, groceries and household items, books, note books, pens for needy children, financial assistance to poor & needy individuals. 

The Dolphin Dance School and Group, a project run by the Foundation, was its cultural partner.New News Odisha founder Sandeep Kumar Roy, Janata Foundation founder and youth organizer Deepak Kumar Barik, young social activist Jyotishankar Ray, educationalist Mrs. Sanjukta Das, program coordinator & assistant Secretary of the foundation Master Mihir Kumar, senior educator Shri Ravi Narayan Nayak were present on the occasion. 

The program, run by the Foundation at the outset of the program, led the National Eco-Organization Bananee, to build a green environment on behalf of the local Janata Foundation of Dhanipur G.P to build a green environment was inaugurated the program to distribute plants.

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