Woman charged for sharing video clip ‘to ridicule President Chakwera’

LILONGWE,A woman aged 20 appeared before a court in Lilongwe yesterday after she was arrested for sharing on a WhatsApp group a video clip which the state believes was aimed at ridiculing President Lazarus Chakwera.
The woman, identified as Chisomo Makala, is accused of sharing the video clip on a WhatsApp group for comedy fans.

Police traced her number to Chigwiri Township in Lilongwe where she was arrested.

Yesterday, she appeared before Senior Resident Magistrate Montfort Misunje in Lilongwe where she denied the charge against her and appealed for bail.

The state, however, wanted the woman to be remanded saying she has no permanent place of residence and could easily run away. The state also raised fears that the woman may contact members of the WhatsApp group who are witnesses in the case.

But Makala said she lived with her mother at Chigwirizano and that is where she can be found.

Magistrate Misunje granted bail to the woman on conditions that she pays a cash bond of K10, 000, produce one traceable and reliable surety bonded at K30, 000 non-cash and be reporting to Central West Police Headquarters on Thursdays every fortnight.

Hearing of the matter has been adjourned to 10th November this year. (M24).

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