INDIA: The Soil Rises Festival For Worship of Danda Dakshina Kali of Nandipur Shasan


According to Hindu scriptures, the worship of the ancient Tantric Shakti, the goddess Maa (Mother) Dakshina Kali, is performed at midnight on the holy new moon day. 

Diwali (Diya offering festival) and Kali Puja (worship of Goddess & God's of the timing) will begin in the Shakta tradition of Odisha on the new moon day of the month of November .
The groundbreaking ceremony has already been held for the Danda Dakshin Kali Sadhanotsava at Gram Nandipur Gram Panchayat under Jajpur district of Odisha state. 

Worshiper Kulmani Shatapathi, Sangeeta Shatapathi, Manmath Shatapathi and others completed the soil rises work for the worship of Danda Dakshina Kalee under the supervision of Kali Sadhak (Chief Worshiper of God & Goddess of Timing )and Acharya (Priest) of the Danda Dakshina Kali Dr. Chinmaya Dash.

The worship is expected to last for a week, according to the Covid Act.

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