Winter looming as mercury records unusual drop in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH-There has been unusual drop reported in temperatures in most regions of the Kingdom, heralding the arrival of winter season.

Hussain Al-Qahtani, spokesman of the National Center of Meteorology (NCM), called on citizens and residents to gear up to receive the arrival of the winter season in the coming first week of December.
In a phone-in-program with Al-Ekhbariya channel on Saturday, Al-Qahtani said that a clear fluctuation in temperatures is expected, prior to a drop in mercury with the arrival of the winter season.

The NCM recently predicted that Saudi Arabia is likely to witness harsh winter with temperatures reaching below zero degrees Celsius in the coming winter season. Al-Qahtani attributed this to the extreme climatic phenomena affecting the world.

“All the initial indications point to the fact that we would experience extreme cold winter in which temperatures will drop below zero. The world is going through extreme weather phenomena that affected the Kingdom too, and that included the unprecedented rise in temperatures during the last summer season,” he said.

In the middle of this month, almost all regions of the Kingdom received moderate to heavy rain accompanied by thunderstorm, and this was followed by a decrease in temperatures in most regions of the Kingdom. (SG).

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