COVID-19: Mandatory test now required for unvaccinated interstate travelers

JUBA-The Vice President for Service Cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi has extended the mandatory uptake of covid-19 vaccine and testing to include inter-state travelers.

Over the weekend, the National Task Force ordered government institutions to ban public sector employees from entering their offices if they are unvaccinated or untested for COVID-19.
Hussein Abdelbagi, Vice President for Service Cluster and the chairman of the National Task Force for Covid-19 - courtesy.

The task force also directed higher learning institutions to stop unvaccinated students, and staff from campuses, unless they produce negative test results within 72 hour.

While announcing a partial lockdown yesterday, Vice President Hussein Abdelbagi said, anyone traveling from one state to another will be required to produce a vaccination card or Covid-19 negative test results.

He warned that failure to do so, individuals will be stopped from boarding a vehicle or airplane.

“If you come by bus and you do not have a card that shows you have been vaccinated, you will be removed from the vehicle, that means you have wasted your ticket fare,” VP Hussein said.

“It is better you get tested, if you do not have a card for vaccination, and this has to be implemented. At the airport for those going to the states, you will be required to have the certificate, or you have to take a test before you travel.”

The Vice President did not state when the decision would take effect.

But the move including restrictions on Social gatherings with an imposed night curfew comes as the country is experiencing the third wave of the pandemic. (EyeRedio)

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