INDIA: Chinmaya Foundation's 91st Weekly Covid-19 Awareness and Relief Distribution Program Arrived on the 637th day at Bhadrak District


THE country's leading social welfare people's organization in Babalpur village of Jajpur district The Chinmaya Foundation has been fighting unarmed militants for 637 days today to defeat the epidemic and create a healthy and beautiful society. 
In this regard, under the direction of the founding chairperson of the Chinmaya Foundation Mr. Chinmaya Dash, the Awareness Program Coordinator Master Mihir Kumar organized its 91st weekly program in various parts of Bhadrak district, from the day number 631st to the day number 637th. 
The roadside people, railway station & railway platform peoples, slum peoples,poor and the needy are being provided with cooked and dried food, fruits, hand gloves, blankets, dresses, grocery items, maize, soap, and sanitizer, and the crazy are being fed Cooked & dried foods are distributed the insanes. 
Covid-19 Awareness-raising campaigns, slogans and cultural programs have been organized by the Foundation's staff.

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