Two killed in clash over land dispute in Gumbo Sherikat

JUBA-At least two people have reportedly been shot dead in what appeared to be land related conflict at Gumbo Sherikat of Juba.

The incident occurred this morning at around 9am in Garbo along the Juba-Bor road.
Bulldozer that was demolishing makeshifts at the site set ablaze. (Photo by Curtesy).

According to the Police Spokesperson, the shooting resulted when a committee that was instructed by the president went to demolish the illegal settlements in the area.

Major General Daniel Justin stated that the residents rejected the demolition exercise which occasioned the shooting.

Two people were later discovered dead in the aftermath of the disagreement.

He says a security team has been sent to restore calm in the area.

“This morning, clashes occurred between the Land Demolishing Committee, which went to the “Kuberi Timan” area for the purpose of demolishing some houses,” the Police Spokesperson told Eye Radio Wednesday afternoon.

“The committee found resistance from the residents there, which led to the clashes. As a result, there were casualties, two people were killed.

“Our police forces and other organized forces are now in the area. And an investigation is underway to find out the circumstances of the accident.

“I want to assure you that the accident happened this morning in Gumbo Shirikat on the Timan Bridge on the way to Mugiri.”

However, a resident there claims that the state authorities did not serve them with a notice regarding the demolition.

The resident whose name remains anonymous says security officers who were in the mission opened fire and shot civilians at random.

“Those people came and told our chief to inform us that they are going to demolish the houses with bulldozer, immediately they start demolishing our houses,” a witness said.

“We told them that we are South Sudanese, give us sometime and chance to remove our children from the houses. They didn’t give us chance instead they demolished the houses – housing pregnant women and lactating mothers.

“They shot my sister in front of me. She is now lying on the ground as you can see.”

Videos and pictures shared on social media from the site show a bulldozer and some vehicles burning at the scene.(EyeRedio)

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