YUSUPH Kileo who is Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Expert has emerged as one of the 2021 Africa ICT Champions and award winners. 

He is honored with the 2021 Africa ICT Awards in Abuja Nigeria. He is well known in the field of cyber security and digital forensics.
The award was presented by a private sector-led alliance of Information and Communication Technology, ICT Associations, AfICTA with the vision to fulfill the promise of the digital age for everyone in Africa.

Kileo while briefing journalists indicates the time spent online today is more than ever before. 

An unfortunate consequence of this behavioral change is that we’re sharing more of our personal data and login credentials with the companies we do business with than ever before.

He also spotted the sad fact that the rise of cyber threat increases at the same rate.

“The cybercrime economy is worth trillions of dollars annually today. We have reached a point where the question is no longer if you can be attacked but when will you be attacked.

“We have witnessed massive attacks on big organisations with good protection mechanisms. Some have been attacked by kids whom no one ever expected,”He said.

Mr.Kileo further intimated journalists on how these attacks often occur very rapidly and the time to discover those attacks remains very long-discovery of some attacks has taken months and even years.

"Discovering attacks is a big challenge but not having the right skillset to do a proper incident management and digital forensics within organizations leads to another bigger challenge. Therefore, apprehending those behind the attacks becomes invisible,"said.
Enumerating the most common cybercrime committed as company policy violations; embezzlement; e-mail harassment; murder; leaks of proprietary information; and even terrorism, Kileo maintained that Law enforcement, network administrators, attorneys and private investigators must rely on the skills of professional computer forensics experts to investigate criminal and civil cases.

Kileo who expressed his displeasure on how digital evidences are being handled said, “We tend to forget that if the collection of digital evidence goes wrong, everything else will follow suit and the end result will be inaccurate” also admonished cyber-security experts to ensure standard is observed while digital forensics investigations are being carried out. 

Professional conduct should be maintained and the result should be the same no matter how many times the investigation is repeated. This can only be achieved by documenting everything from the initial point and maintaining a proper chain of custody.

“The main aim of digital forensics investigation is to bring the actual person behind the cyber-attack to book. With this in mind an expert witness remains a very important fact to consider. The one who can make the court understand and help it to provide a proper judgment.”

Meanwhile, the alliance has honored the founder and first Chair of the association Dr. Jimson Olufuye, as Chairman of its Advisory Council, AC. Also, Patron and former Egyptian Minister of ICT, Engr Atef Helmy, was honoured as Vice-Chairman as well.

Other members of the Council include: former AfICTA Chairman, Engr. Hossam Elgamal; former AfICTA Vice-Chair, Mr. Adrian Schofield; Founding Board Member and Engr Lanre Ajayi, Founding Board Member.

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