INDIA: The 27th Review Meeting of the Chinmaya Foundation's Covid-19 Awareness and Relief Distribution Program With Celebration of 73rd Republic Day of India and the Birth Anniversary of Founding Chairperson Mr. Chinmaya Dash


INDIA'S leading social welfare organization the Chinmaya Foundation has celebrated the 73rd Republic Day and hoisted the national flag at Babalpur. The occasion marked the birthday of the founding chairman of the Chinmaya Foundation Mr. Chinmaya Dash
In the second phase, with the nonstop distribution of relief and Covid-19 awareness which began on 22nd March 2020, has reached its 675th day.

A review meeting is being held every 25 days, while the 675th day of the 27th review has already been held at the Dolphin Dance School and Group in Mangalpur premises along with the 73rd Republic Day Celebration & Seminar on the topic of "Our India in a democratic way".

The 73rd Republic Day Seminar & review meeting, Chaired by the Founder Chairman of the Foundation Mr. Chinmaya Dash. Before the meeting the members are singing the National Anthem "JANAGANA MANA ADHINAYAK JAYAHE...".

The awareness coordinator Master Mihir Kumar attending the meeting give the keynotes about the 27th review of Chinmaya Foundation's Covid-19/ Omicron awareness and relief distribution with India's 73rd Republic Day Observation Program

Mrs.Madhusmita Nayak, Pujarani Behuria, Artist J.P.Krisna are Critics alike believe that the Foundation's 675-day-long community service, including the Corona and Omicron Awareness Program, has created a unique identity around the world today.

They also viewed that on the occasion of the 73rd Republic Day Seminar, "it is time for all Indians, regardless of race, religion, creed , cast as a Indian ; to be vigilant in keeping India fragmented,"

Mr.Raki Das,Biswajit Das, Sushree Barsarani Majhi, Debasmita Jena, Mamali Rana & other members are cooperated & conducted that meeting.

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