INDIA: 93rd Weekly Program and 26th Review Meeting of Chinmaya Foundation's Covid-19 Awareness and Relief Distribution Program Along With Omicron,campaign reached on 651st day


THE country's leading social welfare organization in Babalpur village of Jajpur district of Odisha state, the Chinmaya Foundation has been fighting relentlessly for 651 days today to defeat the epidemic and create a healthy and beautiful society.
In this regard, under the direction of the Founding Chairman of the Foundation Mr.Chinmaya Dash the Foundation is raising awareness in various parts of the country on how to avoid the Third Wave of coronation and Omicron.

In this regard, in the 93rd week of the awareness & relief distribution program sponsored by the Foundation (from day number 645 to 651 ), through the various district branches of India especially in Odisha state have been living on roadsides, bus stands, temples, churches and musjids, railway stations, railway platforms etc., were found to be distributed Clothing, groceries, fruits, dried and cooked food, max, soap, sanitizer, mosquito nets, blankets etc. to the people.
Led by Coordinator of Mayurbhanj District Mrs.Sitamani Dash, the volunteers of the foundation such as Mr. Sachin Kumar Das, Swetasmita Das, Satyaban Giri, Pritam Majhi, Sushmita Behera, Babita Behera, Priyanka Behera, Soumya Ranjan, Lipun, Shruti Naik, Sneha Naik, Sili Naik and others were aware & distribute the relief items from various parts of Mayurbhanj District. They aware to the peoples through roadside play & slogan campaign were Continued. 

An international children's enhancement program run by the Foundation the "Asha Akash Club" took part in the event.

In Kalahandi District was led by District Coordinator Mr. Kamal Chandi organized mobile awareness seminars in various parts of the district, including Mr. Satya Naik, Suresh Naik, Ravi Lahjal, Bhavani Raut, Prafulla Chandi, Bharabasi Pujari, Osha Raut, Jalandhar Chandi along with other volunteers of the foundation.

Ramesh Chandra Barik in Bhadrak district, Mrs. Jyotsna Mohanty in Baleshwar district, Jagdish Das in Kandhamal district, Chandan Guru in Nabarangpur district, Mrs.Rashmi in Cuttack district are being led by leaders from various Grampanchayats, blocks , municipalities, districts & states of the country.

A review meeting of Awareness and relief distribution programs are held in every 25 days, while the 650th day's 26th review meeting of the program is being held under the Chairmanships of Founding Chairman of the Foundation Mr. Chinmaya Dash at Mangalpur Dolphin Dance School and Group premises where was the Covid-19 awareness Coordinator Master Mihir Kumar, Reviewer Mrs.Binapani Das, Mrs.Punam Sahani, Journalist and Social worker Mr. Nihar Ranjan Samal were reviewed the 26th review of the program. 
The awareness and relief distribution program, which has been uninterruptedly sponsored for 650 days by the Foundation is rare in world viewed the revielwers with the participation of the 26th review meeting. 
With the unselfish support of the general public, the media coverage of the program in the international media has made the organization international today. 
Critics say they are the ones who deserve all the credit, and the third wave of the coronation will be the next wave of Omicron and how to deal with it.
The Foundation's 651st Day Awareness and Relief Program was held in various parts of the Dasarathpur block of Jajpur district by the headquarters.

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