INDIA: Chinmaya Foundation's Day Number 670th To Day Number 673 For Covid-19 and Omikran Awareness With Relief Distribution Program in Bandigan G.P of Kalahandi District


A leading social welfare organization in the country, based in Babalpur in Jajpur district of Odisha state, has organized a Omrikran and corona awareness with relief distribution on the day number 670 to 673 in Bandigan GramPanchayat of kalahandi district of Odisha state.
Foundation staff and volunteers are urging people to be aware of the epidemic, such as placards, roadside cultural programs and omnipresence and distribute maks, soap and sanitizers to the needy peoples.

Under the direction of the Founding Chairman of the Foundation Mr.Chinmaya Dash, the Kalahandi district coordinator Mr.Kamal Chandi along with the volunteer Mr.Nilanchal Sabar, Dhigraj Rout, Madhav Naik, Digambar Dishari, Chandramani Majhi, Shri Ramakrishna Majhi, Madhav Raut, Dilip Meher, Keshab Dishari, Pitambar Bagarti, Lambodar Bemal, Ghasiram Pradhanee, Bhubaneswar Barik, Keshab Nial, Harihar Das, Kambhu Majhi, Jayakrishna Majhi, Indramani Majhi, Madan Raut, Giridhari Majhi, Pabitra Duhanubahal, Jalandhar Chandi , Durbal Majhi along with all the volunteers have been seen performing this work.

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