INDIA: Chinmaya Foundation's Covid-19 Awareness, Relief Distribution and Services of Cow Program Reached 691 days


THE country's leading social welfare organization in Babalpur THE CHINMAYA FOUNDATION has been fighting for 691 days in a nonstop and continuous process to raise awareness among the general public about the epidemic of coronary artery disease  and Omicron with smiles on the faces of the poor. 
In this regard, under the supervision of Chinmaya Foundation's founding Chairperson Mr.Chinmaya Dash & Coordinator for the awareness program Master Mihir Kumar for seven days from day number 685 to day number 691 in different parts of Jajpur district.
The foundation were distribute cooked & dried foods for seven long days to the helpless, beggar, poor, handicap persons etc. 

Globes,maks, soaps, sanitizers are found to be distributed. Through various posters, placards and leaflets, the staff of the foundation has been raising awareness about the epidemic of coronary artery disease and Omicron. 

In addition, the mobile weekly service of Go Mata (Cow Mother) is being run by the Foundation.

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