INDIA:Chinmaya Foundation's Corona Awareness & Relief Distribution Program Along With Raja Special Gift Reached On 453th Day From 447

Agricultural based mass festival of Odisha state "Raja" known as odia community's heart has been silent for a long time.
To prevent the pandemic Corona ,the country's leading social welfare common people's organization Chinmaya Foundation in Babalpur under Dasharathpur block of Jajpur district,along with the distribution of relief chariot in different districts of Odisha & special 446th to 453th day,seven day Special Raja week celebrated & relief distribution program is being seen.

This awareness & relief distribution program has started continuesly since 22nd March 2020 & reached 453th day today.

On the occasion of review meeting of the service program conducted every 25 days according to the foundation rules,the 18th review meeting was held on last Monday at the venue of Mangalpur Dolphin Dance School & Group premiss with Covid regulation wearing on social distancing.

In the review meeting chaired by the National Chairperson of Chinmaya Foundation Mr.Chinmaya Dash,Foundation's Vice-chairman Mr.Surendra Pandav, Secretary Mr.Shashikanta Nayak,Asst.Secretary Mr.Bhikari charan Mallick, Treasurer Miss.Madhusmita Nayak etc.are participated in the long time awareness & service workers of the foundation.

Shined deep light about Raja.For these seven days,specially to the poor helpless people to make awareness about the epidemic "Corona" along with the distribution of Raja Bebhara(Special Useful Gift) & by the coordinators & workers of various branches ,cloths,dry food,cooked food,mask,soap, sanitizer,O.R.S,bleaching powder etc. are seen being distributed.In this work Mr.Kamal Chandi on the behalf of Kalahandi district,Mr.Ganesh Patra on the behalf of Mayurbhanj district,Mr.Kanhu Charan Sahu on the behalf of Bhadrak district,Mr.Chandan Guru on the behalf of Nabarangapur district,Mr.Jagadish Dash on the behalf of Kandhamal district branch & others the coordinators & leaders of this program have been known from the head office sources.

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