Chinmaya Foundation:We want to open branch every country, state, district of World

We want to open branch every country, state, district of world. Those who are interested send details in our WhatsApp or Email;

Babalpur, Nandipur, Dasarathpur, Jajpur, Odisha - 75506, India
WhatsApp Number:(+91)9938810539/8328876038

Chinmaya Foundation is an international people's enhancement organization for peace & harmony based in Babalpur in Jajpur district of Odisha state of Bharat (India) country.

This organization has been getting public recognition as a social welfare organization since 17th May 2011. To bring out the art, literature, culture, heritage etc. hidden in the rural areas of different countries around the world and to emphasize its promotion, dissemination, recognition and development at the international level and environmental protection, social security, food security, women empowerment, development of education, development of human rights, child reform and development of child mentality, morally support of elders, development of schools for child education, research, social services etc. are the major motto of Chinmaya Foundation.

The Foundation has chartered specific programs that are being accelerated through committed and dedicated youth.


This foundation has organized a mission called "International Talents Search Mission" in different countries of the world.

Through this mission it plans to develop the inherent talent of the individual as well as group and to introduce the individual & group at the international level.

The main aim of the campaign is to recognize and promote the artistic and cultural talent of people, especially in rural areas.


This program is ongoing in various countries to create a harmonious atmosphere among children and adolescents and to invest their mental thinking positively and constructively in the development sector of the society.

The main aim of the program is to recognize the intellectual development of the children by organizing various competitions, and to create leadership skills in the children by managing the stage.

It consists of two child coordinators those who manage the program. The female child coordinator is named "Asha Apa" ( Asha Sister) and the male coordinator is named "Akash Bhai" (Akash Brother).


It seeks to create a platform for youth and college, university students to build a society full of reformed traditions and culture.

Its main aim is to develop the hidden traditions of the rural areas of different countries through various activities and involve the youth in the development of the cultured society and remove crime from the society through cultural awakening with social work & social awareness.

Mission Amruta Hastam

We destroy the leftover food on different occasions & different festivals. But have you ever thought that this leftover food can provide food to the elderly, the poor, the helpless and even those who spend their lives on the side of the road, railway station,bus stand etc.

So this Mission Amrit Hastam program is working in different parts of the world to include the people from the lowest sections of the society in the mainstream and fulfill their lowest needs.

That mission is to bring a smile to the face of the helpless through the service of humanity and make the divine reality accessible.

International Campaign to Protect the Elderly

Through this program, its main goal is to provide security to the elderly and implement their long life experience for the development of society.

It is the main goal of the International Elderly Protection Campaign to spend their lives in art, literature, culture and spiritual thought and not to let them feel the hardships of old age.

International Eco Enhancement & protection program "Bananee"

In order to prevent global warming, there is a need to plant a large number of trees and protect the environment.

Its main aim is to make people live a healthy and healthy life by creating a healthy and beautiful environment.

It is recommended by the foundation to inaugurate the program by planting different species of medicinal trees on the occasion of each person's birthday, wedding anniversary, various festivals, Shraddha (annual death celebration) days etc.

The program is dedicated to the protection of rivers, mountains, forests and wildlife. Every year between January 26th to January 25th, institutions and individuals who have planted & protect hundreds above of trees are honored by the foundation.

Athafal's Classroom (Abadhananka Pathashala)

This program is ongoing for the academic development of children. Through this school, the child is provided with physical education, yoga, dance, music,song, drawing, speech, computer etc.

Thus the child is helped in building a good personality through self-knowledge training and gaining standing in the social background as a responsible human being.

International Spiritual/ Theosophical Mission

Its main goal is to establish global humanism through unity and self-reflection among different communities. Saints, researchers, scholars of different communities are involved in this program and the general public is involved in it.

Language development and security campaign

The stronger the language of the society, the stronger the society. By protecting, researching and translating the various compositions of the respective regional languages ​​into other languages & international languages, the language and the art, literature, culture, philosophy etc. of the said society are strengthened from rural to global.

Through the language development and protection campaign organized by the foundation, an effort is being made to connect the poets, literary and intellectuals of different regions with the public through various discussion cycles, publication of essays and stories, poems, literature sessions.

International Volunteers Association (IVA) for Peace & Harmony

Its main objective is to develop moral values ​​among the students of various educational institutions and to provide appropriate training for the establishment of peace & harmony around the world and development of personality through social service and humanitarianism.

For this purpose, the students of schools, colleges and universities will naturally associate and work in groups to develop social, moral, spiritual, educational, cultural and research areas in their spare time apart from their studies.


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