INDIA: The Jajpur Banchao Abhiyan was intensified


The Jajpur area, the oldest capital in the state of Odisha, is rich in natural beauty and wealth, but is being polluted by many mining mafias, timber mafias and brokers.
"Prevention of river pollution and drainage has led to the creation of high-quality farmland and a crisis of clean drinking water. 

In particular, Sukinda has been named as the first Hazard Infected Area in Asia, according to an international survey." Chinmaya Foundation, a leading social welfare organization, held a review meeting today under the chairmanship of founding chairman Chinmaya Dash at the Foundation premises to respond to the issue.

In that meeting Mr.Dash says "If the government does not take immediate action to improve the lives of the victims, the public will be held accountable in the coming days,".

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