Challenge Erdogan:Greece expels immigrants and they flee to Italy

ANKARA-The Italian prime minister did not reject the claims of the Turkish president and was content to comment: “Italy has reached its limits, with the immigrants coming from its east, both from Turkey and Greece

A new provocative crescendo against Greece was unleashed, this time involving Italy, by Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Turkish president, at the press conference after the meeting he had with the Italian prime minister Mario Draghi in Ankara, he referred to immigration, saying that “Greece is also a danger for Italy, as it expels immigrants and they are forced to flee to Italy”.

“Especially in this matter, in the pushbacks they are attempting, unfortunately, Greece has now begun to pose a danger to Italy, beyond Europe. In these pushbacks, where are all these people, the irregular immigrants, trying to find refuge now?

"They are trying to escape to Italy. We are picking these people up from the seas, doing our best during these pushbacks. We try to save them by collecting them from the seas. But the same problem exists in Italy. I would also like to hear Mr. Draghi’s thoughts on this matter. Here you are, Mr. Prime Minister,” Erdogan emphasized.

THE Dragi he did not reject the claims of the Turkish president, saying that “Italy has reached its limits, with the immigrants coming from its east, both from Turkey and from Greece. What I am saying is that the issue of immigration must be managed in a humane, fair and efficient manner.

"We see these people in our seas, they come in ships. Our behavior in this regard is excellent. Of course, we are a very open country in this regard, but there is something that needs to be realized. We cannot be infinitely open. Sometimes, the situation in the host country becomes unbearable.”

He added: “Minister La Morchese has declared this before the European Union. We have expressed it in the presence of Mr. Erdogan and we will certainly express it when we meet with Greece. In that respect, we have tried to be the least discriminatory country, as open as possible, but we have limits and now we have reached the limits.” (


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