South African Satanist co-founder leaves group after radical love and encounter with Jesus

PRETORIA- After experiencing the overwhelming love of God through people and a vision of Jesus, a former Satanist in South Africa is sharing his story of transformation. 
Riaan Swiegelaar, a former reverend at the South African Satanic Church (SASC), left his position in May. On July 4 he went on a Facebook Live to share why. 

Swiegelaar revealed that he had been in Christian circles for 20 years before deciding he was an atheist. Then in the video, he shares why, four years ago, he tried out Satanism. 

"If you are broken you will certainly resonate with its philosophy," says Swiegelaar in the video. "At the time I believed that was my truth and what was real to me, not realizing how broken I was."
He says one thing he and the other thousands of Satanists he met over the past four years had in common was their brokenness. 

"I've never known unconditional love in my entire life. Up until today, there have been four Christians in my life that showed me what unconditional love is. I want to thank those four people today. Words cannot express what you've done for me

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