Jangwani girls:Be mindful of what you post online


JANGWANI Secondary School Girls were told to be mindful of what they post online to avoid any ramifications that can ruin their future lives. 

That was said by Eng. Stephen Wangwe, Assistant Director of Cyber Security in the Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology during a special tour conducted in the School located in Ilala District, Dar es Salaam on 12th October 2022 while observing the Cyber Security Awareness Month of 2022.
"What you post online can ruin or build your lifes goals, particularly at personal or a career level. That means, if you post something questionable or offensive to society expect to have a negative impact of your life,"said Engineer Wangwe.

The Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology has observed the worldwide Cyber Security Month of Awareness which is conducted in the month of October of every year by raising awareness in various media outlets, schools, institutions and social media platforms.

How can we prevent stolen phones especially when personal passwords are also being stolen along with money?, asked Getrude Nelson John, Form Six taking the combination of Chemistry, Biology and Nutrition (CBN) Student at Jangwani Girls Secondary School.
Mr. Yusuph Kileo, a Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Expert from Tanzania at the African ICT Alliance (AfICTA) explained to the students that privacy is a primal tool that one must adapt to everyday use. 

"Security starts with individuals. When generating privacy, one should build a tendency of changing his/her passwords constantly, while ensuring that they are strong, undetectable passwords,"said Mr. Kileo.

Meanwhile, Engineer Wangwe reminded students on two critical things to consider when dealing with cyber security, namely avoidance of oversharing personal information and activities; and engagement of enforcement agency when detecting suspicious activities.
Ms. Anna Dennis Ngowi, a Form Six student studying a combination of Economics Geography, Mathematics (EGM) praised the Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology for taking an initiative to raise awareness about Cyber Security. 

She explained that many teenagers have faced cyber bullying without knowing what to do to seek help. "So this occasion comes at an opportune time for us to learn things that can help us share and transfer knowledge to others about Cyber Security as well as cyber bullying issues,"said Ms. Anna Ngowi.

Also, Ms. Neema Matinde, a Form Five student studying a combination of Chemistry, Biology and Nutrition (CBN) said that educating public about Cyber Security has been such an important milestone in instilling technological trends that her generation faces. 

“This information empowers us to be responsible participants of online activities and be accountable for whatever that we post or find ourselves engaging in," said Ms. Neema Matinde.
Cyber bullying is not the end of world. The most important thing is to build a habit of not posting everything that you do in your lives and ensure that you report to a police anything offensive that you encounter and seek support from people, family and friends. Remember as individuals we have responsibility to be safe and secure while surfing online, said Engineer Wangwe.

To his side, Mr. Salum Timoth Kilipamwambu, Physics and Mathematics Teacher, said that the impact of Cyber Security topic is important for Jangwani Girls Secondary School as it creates awareness about the cyber space and related technologies and its effects. "Students can now have further knowledge of the use of ICT equipment responsibly, hence being safe,"said Mr. Kilipamwambu, who also coordinated the visit.
A total of 250 advanced level students of Form Five and Six where present during the Cyber Security Awareness Month conducted at the Jangwani Girls Secondary School.


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