'Little dancer Samikshya Ray do something differently'

During this pandemic situation when coronavirus (COVID-19) knocking at the door,people are scared and lock at home during this covid period.
"Without hard work there is no success" its nature giving a good chance of winning lots of competition by online.
As a God gifted girl name, Samikshya Ray living in small town Mangalpur Jajpur Town Odisha reading in standard 9 in Annapurna Nodal U P School.

She is 13 years of age blessed with the God, parents,teachers and others with blessing of those person. She achieves lots of prizes medal and certificate.

National Ability Search Authority Kolkata Dance Compitition 1st in 2016, Kartikeswar puja committee award, Arjyavir Youth Club award, D E A R jajpur in 2016, Ags Gramina Mahotsav award, Maa Annapurna Sanskrutika Parisad kamardihi in 2018, Block lable Biju Juba Bahini award, Maa Binapani Talent Fest 2020 award, Maa Saraswati Puja Committee malipur and many more awards she got in small age she's like an atom bomb.
When she blast no one can compete with her and having lots of other hobbies like skating, cycling, sports she also got lots of prizes in sports running and other competition she was very talented girl and giving step by step for top achievers she always think that.

"The best and the most beautiful thing in the World cannot be seen or even touch they must be felt with the heart,"Said.

National Chairperson
At:BabalPur,Po:NandiPur,Via:DasarathPur, District:JajPur,State:Odisha-755006,Bharat(India)
Mob-(+91)9938810539 / 8328876038.

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