CABO DELGADO- Chief of South Africa National Defence Forces, General Rudzani Maphwanya and his delegation accompanied by the Deputy Chief of General Staff of Forḉas Armadas de Defesa de Moḉambique (FADM) Lieutenant General Bertolino Capetine visited SAMIM forces deployed in the Cabo Delgado Province on a 4-day official visit from 18th to 21st January 2022. 

He was received by the Force Commander of SAMIM, Major General Xolani Mankayi and briefed him on the progress of the mission since deployment of forces. 
In the course of his visit, he had an opportunity to interact with the Head of Mission, Professor Molomo, SAMIM members and toured locations in Pemba District including operational areas. 

General Maphwanya visited operational areas in Macomia, Mocimboa di Praia where the Rwandan Security Forces are deployed, Nangade District and lastly Mueda District.

The General commended SAMIM forces and their leadership for conducting successful operations and for the achievements recorded since the deployment of the Mission in July 2021. 
Further to this, he expressed deep condolences and sympathies to the countries and families of personnel who lost their lives while on deployment to the SAMIM and wished those wounded in action a speedy recovery.

In his interaction with the troops, General Maphwanya who is also the Chairman of SADC Troika Chiefs of Defence said that ‘the SADC region was very happy at the way the forces were carrying out their mandate.’ 

He expressed that the region has made additional pledges towards the deployment of the SADC Mission in Mozambique and has an unwavering commitment to regional peace and security and especially the enormous sacrifice made despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economies. 

He urged them to exercise caution in their operations as they prepare to deliver the last blow on the terrorists in order to stabilize the Cabo Delgado Province.

During the course of the visit, General Maphwanya and his delegation met with the Rwandan Security Joint Task Force Commander, Major General Innocent Kabandana in Mocimboa di Praia who gave an update of the general security situation in his area and their operations in combating the terrorists. 

He commended the coordination and collaboration of all the forces in the operational area as there was one common enemy that needed to be dealt with as that would bring enormous results.

In his remarks, the Deputy Chief of General Staff of FADM, Lt Gen Capetine expressed satisfaction at the way SAMIM forces were executing their mandate in support of FADM to root out terrorism. 
He mentioned that it was the responsibility of the forces in the operational area to plan jointly and expeditiously carry out operations to free the people of Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique and the SADC Region from terrorism and violent extremism. 

SAMIM forces in support of the Government of Mozambique continue to create conditions necessary for a return to normal life in the Province of Cabo Delgado as it pursues the terrorists. 

SAMM  would like to assure the people of Mozambique and SADC of a collective commitment to achieving a peaceful, stable and secure Cabo Delgado as well as the entire country of Mozambique. (SAMIM)

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