Newspaper Front pages for May 3rd, 2022

Foreign embassies are slowly reopening their doors in Ukraine's capital, as the security situation there improves.

Today Hungary became the latest country to announce that its embassy was operating out of Kyiv once again, the same day that Denmark said it too would be reopening its embassy. They follow France, which made the move two weeks ago.

The UK's ambassador Melinda Simmons came back to Kyiv this weekend, describing her return as "an extraordinary thing". The British embassy hasn't reopened its doors yet but the Foreign Office says it will do so soon.

The US is yet to return its diplomats to the capital, but today American officials in Lviv said the delegation would be back in Kyiv by the end of the month.

Russian troops may have withdrawn from their positions around the Ukrainian capital but the city is still vulnerable to attacks from the air.

Last week, Moscow announced it was primed to carry out strikes in the capital and warned the presence of foreign advisers in those sites "will not necessarily be a problem to Russia deciding to take retaliatory action".

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