INDIA: What is Indian Philosophy and Why Chinmaya Foundation's 858 days Uninterrupted Fighting Against Covid-19?


IT is an essential duty of us to aware the unaware people's about Covid-19 and distribute Covid Kits to the poor and needy people's.In Indian philosophy, a person goes to heaven by helping others and goes to hell by doing harm to others.
In the Aryavartana (Indian) philosophy, it is the supreme & sacred duty of every person to work for the welfare of the individual, family, society, nation & the world. 

To make every person aware of this justice and to provide help to the helpless, from last 22nd March 2020 to till today, the journey has been uninterrupted for 858 days. The Lock down & Short down day was continue from 22 nd March 2020, when the whole of India was locked for the year. 

From that day onward, India's leading International People's Enhancement Voluntary Organization for Peace & Harmony "The Chinmaya Foundation" vowed to raise awareness of the unconscious and provide assistance to the poor & helpless.
For this, people should be aware of not touching the infected person, maintaining social distance, washing hands frequently with soap or sanitizer, always using masks, and especially getting vaccinated at the vaccination center on time, keeping yourself safe and helping to protect others. 

The workers of Chinmaya Foundation continue to distribute masks, soap, sanitizer, hand gloves and ORS to protect against diarrhea during rains. 

Cooked & dry food, clothes, groceries are provided to the poor, destitute, beggars, insane, lunatics etc. and books, notebooks, school equipment, toys with financial assistance are provided to the slum children.
Foundation staff cleans and refines contaminated areas. While this program has been going on for 858 days in different parts of the country. 

Today the foundation's awareness, corona kit and relief distribution program has been held in various slum areas of Rasulpur and Dharmashala blocks of Jajpur district of ​​the Odisha state under the instructions of the national chairman of the foundation Mr. Chinmaya Dash. Under the management of social worker and coordinator of the awareness program Master Mihir Kumr, Mr. Swadhin Nayak and other members of the foundation are cooperated.

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