INDIA:Vaishnavism Reflects the Greatness of Human Life, Opinion of many Speakers in Lord Radha Madanamohan's Birth Celebration at Baulapada


IN Indian philosophy, Vaishnavism is one of the most important aspects of development of humanity, morality and spirituality. With its emphasis on the excellence of human life and the formation of a life-free human being. 
Many speakers spoke on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Lord Shri Shri Radha Madanamohan and the unveiling of the genealogy of Sri Sri Shyamananda Devgoswami. 

The meeting was chaired by Brahmin Vaishnav Mr. Chinmaya Dash, the founder chairperson of Chinmaya Foundation and Counsellor of Odisha State Open University. 

As the Chief Guest Saint Biswambara Das of Abhirama Paramahamsa Ashram of Thaila of Bhadrak District, as the Chief Speaker Senior Educationalist Prof.

Dr. Harischandra Panda who was the Retired Principal of Singhapur Kharasrota Mohavidyalaya, as the Distinguished Guest Senior Ophthalmologist and Paywright Dr. Rajkishore Panda, as the Distinguished Speaker, Senior Educator and Writer Mr. Shuvendu Kumar Mohapatra, as the Honorable Guests Vaishnav Uday Nath Das were also present in this program. 

The publisher of the genealogy book Mr. Baidyanath Das (which was the palm leaf manuscript of genealogy of Sri Sri Shyamananda Devgoswami and manuscript was written by Late Vaisnab Narayan Das) gave a keynote address on the introductory information about the books of the meeting. 

Vaishnav Brajasunder Das expressed his gratitude for the meeting. All the villagers of Baulapada are co-operate to smoothly conduct the program.

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