THE 21st September is observed as International Peace Day and August is observed as International Peace Month every year.

Mahatma Gandhi said there is no way to Peace, peace is the only way of life.Buddha said Peace comes when we are free from desire and free from issues.

Global Peace Foundation says when the world will be free from issues, world will become peaceful.But several critical global issues are preventing global peace.

Those issues are Abuse of Science and Technology, Fear of multifaceted terrorism, global Pollution explosion, Global environmental pollution.

Threat of possible nuclear war, Global violation of human rights, Production of horrendous nuclear weapons, Conflicts caused by Castes- Religions- Languages and Political ideologies,Miseries caused by increasing disparities between rich and poor, Global warming, Unusual weather changes, Scarcity of water- food and fuel, Global border disputes, Baneful effects of autocratic experiments in the space and several other critical global issues which need global attention and early resolution.

On this auspicious occasion Global Peace Foundation appeals all the global citizens to pressurise the global political leaders to form a federal Supreme Global Government which can efficiently deal with all the global issues with authority.

Since creation of the world it runs aimlessly without a supreme authority, without a Government. Whereas each and every country has a government , a supreme authority.

It's a matter of great concern for all of us to bring permanent peace in this chaotic world not only for us but also for our future generations.

Dr Raj Kishore Panda, Chairman, Global Peace Foundation


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