TANGA Region is one of Tanzania's 31 administrative regions. The region covers an area of 26,667 km2 (10,296 sq mi).

The region is comparable in size to the combined land area of the nation state of Burundi.

The regional capital is the municipality of Tanga city. Located in northeast Tanzania, the region is bordered by Kenya and Kilimanjaro Region to the north; Manyara Region to the west; and Morogoro and Pwani Regions to the south.

It has a coastline to the east with the Indian Ocean. Here are 20 unique facts about Tanga;
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1. First Railway in Tanzania Mainland - Tanga 1893.

2. First Government Secondary School - Tanga 1890 (Tanga Old School).

3. First School (Anglican) in Tanzania 1848 - Tanga Magila Muheza.

4. First Malaria Research Institute in the World - Tanga Muheza, Ubwari 1949.

5. First Modern Hospital- Tanga, Cliff Block 1895

6. First Luxury Modern Hotel in Tanzania - Tanga, Kaiserhof Hotel 1906.

7. First Sisal Plantation in Africa - Tanga, Pangani 1900.

8. Tanzania Central Bank Emblem is an inspiration from Tanga Sisal Plantation as it contributed to over 60% of country’s GDP.

9. Tanga was the first city to become Municipal in 1891.

10. Tanga had the first modern Market in Tanzania - 1903 Uzunguni Market.

11. The first bullet of The First World War in Africa was fired in Tanga - November 1913.

12. Tanga had the first church in Tanzania - Magila Msalabani Muheza - 1840s.

13. Tanga produced the first native priest (Lutheran) in Tanzania, Jacob Lumwe (1880 - 1970).

14. Over 95% of Tanga City Wards have stable water supply, making it the only city in the country.

15. Tanga has the oldest and functioning sewage system in East Africa.

16. Tanga holds the record of the most well organized city in East Africa.

17. Tanga holds the record of having the first public library in Tanzania 1950s.

18. Tanga has the first hydroelectric power plant in Tanzania since 1905 in Muheza Amani.

19. Tanga Port is the longest serving port in East Africa (Refer to Tanga Port Web).

20. Tanga has the oldest clock tower in Tanzania (probably Africa) 1901.

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