THE world is currently burning with numerous critical challenges that threaten global peace and stability. 
These issues include the pollution of the global environment, the escalating problem of global warming, rampant global corruptions , uncompromised cyber security, soaring prices worldwide, major health crises, increasing poverty and food insecurity, social inequality, the ongoing threat of COVID-19.

Rising human rights violations, the growing global refugee crisis, the potential for a triangular nuclear war conflict between Russia, USA and Ukraine, mounting unemployment problems, scarcity of underground drinking water and fuel.
Widening disparities between the rich and the poor, the misuse of science and technology, the fear of global terrorism, the alarming signals of population explosion, the rising international border disputes, the escalating housing crisis, the concerning rise of communalism and several other global issues. 

All these critical global issues present significant barriers to achieve peace on a worldwide scale. Addressing all these challenges requires collaborative efforts that go beyond the capabilities of any single country, group of countries, or the United Nations alone.

In this situation Global Peace Foundation, having a step towards global peace movement, advocates the need for the formation of a Federal Supreme Global Government. Such a governing body would possess the authority and resources to address and resolve all these complex problems.
It is crucial to initiate a global discussion and debate on the formation of a Global Government.The participation and support of individuals, organizations, nations and global political leaders will serve as great necessity for this special movement towards global peace.
Dr. Raj Kishore Panda.

By engaging in dialogue, sharing ideas and pooling resources, we can collectively work towards finding viable solutions to these urgent challenges.

As we embark on the year 2023, let us aspire for peace, prosperity, and happiness. The journey towards a harmonious world begins with acknowledging these pressing issues and working together to overcome those.

Written by Dr. Raj Kishore Panda,
Chairman, Global Peace Foundation

Reporter India

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