Museveni quarantines staff after visit to Tanzania

PRESIDENT Yoweri Kaguta Museveni did not shake hands with his Tanzanian counterpart John Pombe Magufuli throughout the entire visit to the latter’s country home in Chato, Tanzania.

But thats not all.

Upon return from Tanzania, Museveni’s strictness with safeguarding Covid-19 SOPs ensured all the staff he was with were tested as they got off the plane and later transported to different ‘’unknown quarantine centres”.

Museveni paid an official visit to Magufuli and the two leaders signed an agreement allowing for the construction of a 1,445 km (898 miles) crude oil pipeline.The $3.5bn (£2.7m) project will connect Uganda’s oil fields to Tanzania’s port of Tanga.

However, Museveni’s visit to Magufuli marked a big different between the two states, with Museveni and all his entourage sticking to putting on masks and ensuring social distance with their hosts.

Given the prevailing Covid-19 situation, Museveni also did not greet Magufuli with a handshake like he normally does. On alighting from his aircraft, Museveni stood about two meters away and bowed in respect to Magufuli.

He also waved to the group of people that had been lined up to welcome him, without moving any closer to them.

During the course of the over 2-hour event, Museveni stayed with his mask on, only removing it for the time he was giving his speech and putting it back on immediately.Magufuli, from the photos, did not wear a mask.

The two presidents also maintained a huge social distance while seated, unlike the previous meeting they had at the same venue last year.

Also, while all Museveni’s security detail maintained their masks on, none on Magufuli’s team had their masks on.

Speaking about the matter, Magufuli said that he was aware Museveni and his team were coming with masks and that is fine provided the agreement is not delayed. Credit:Nilepost.

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