BREAKING NEWS:President Trump, wearing a mask and waving, made a surprise drive-by for the crowd outside Walter Reed

United States of America (USA), President Donald Trump just rode past supporters in front of Walter Reed medical center.CNN captured the President waving from inside a SUV. "We just saw the President drive by in the motorcade to wave to supporters. It was a stunning scene.
President Donald Trump waves to supporters outside Walter Reed Medical Center on Sunday, October 4 in Bethesda, Maryland. CNN

"We didn't get any notification, of course. Initially they started to block off a part of the street right here in front of Walter Reed national military medical center. And then the President's motorcade proceeded to drive down one side of the street where you have several dozen of the President's supporters," CNN's Jeremy Diamond, who is on the scene outside Walter Reed, said.

"The motorcade drove by at a pretty slow pace and the supporters here for the President went wild as they saw this happen," Diamond added.The image of Trump, wearing a mask but in close contact with others, only raised more questions about how seriously the President is taking the virus.

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