The United States says it is proud to stand with Zambia and 31 other countries that have co-sponsored and signed up to the Geneva Consensus Declaration, a global initiative that Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said had thrust focus on better health for women, preservation of life, family and emphasized national sovereignty over legislation.
The signing of the Declaration is expected to chart a positive way forward for accelerating progress on achieving the four pillars of the program. 

These pillars are accelerating better health access for women, the preservation of human life from inception, the strengthening of family as the foundational unit of society as well as protecting every nation's national sovereignty in global politics including legislation to protect life and on abortion.

The United States, Brazil, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia and Uganda cosponsored the virtual signing ceremony held in Washington D.C.

Secretary Pompeo hailed the formation of the multilateral coalition formed to defend life. He invited other countries to sign the Declaration which he described as a critical and useful tool.

Secretary Azar said the signing of the Declaration was significant for women and children’s rights.

Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States H.E. Lazarous Kapambwe joined Secretaries Pompeo, Azar II and and leaders from co-sponsoring countries in the virtual ceremony.

In his remarks during the event, Ambassador Kapambwe asserted Zambia’s support of the Declaration as it emphasized and promoted the full enjoyment of all human rights and equal opportunities for women at all levels of political, economic and public life which was in tandem with the Constitution of Zambia, the Gender Equity Act 22 of 2015 and the National Gender Policy.

“Zambia is pleased to co-sponsor the Geneva Consensus Declaration because it reaffirms the full enjoyment of human rights and equal opportunities for women at all levels of political, economic and public life which is in tandem with the Constitution of Zambia,” he said. The event was televised worldwide.

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