INDIA:Chinmaya Foundations Day Number 423 of Covid-19 Awareness And Relief Distribution especially Food Distribution To The Birds & Animals

Dolphin Dance School and Groups, run by the Chinmaya Foundation and The Chinmaya Foundation, the country's one of the leading social welfare organization of general public in the village of Babalpur of Jajpur district, have been campaigning in various parts of the country for 423 days today. 
For a special five days,(Day number 419 to day number 423) special food stalls have been set up at Dasharathpur, Mangalpur, Katia Chhak, Babalpur, Asanpur, Nandipur and other places. Mask, Sanitizer,O.R.S, Hand gloves , Clothes , Dry & Cook food have been seen to be provided.
The National Chairperson of the Foundation Mr.Chinmaya Dash, Director Master Mihir Kumar,Mrs.Madhusmita Nayak, Journalist Jyotishkar Ray, social worker Shashikanta Nayak and others are under the leadership of the general public has been made aware of the corona in various places. The program will continue indefinitely, according to the foundation.

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