INDIA: Chinmaya Foundation's Day Number 476 To 482 Covid-19 Awareness And Relief Distribution Program

With the recent global financial crisis looming in the heart of the coronation of the epicenter, the lives of the general public are at stake. At such a critical juncture, the leading social welfare peoples organization Chinmaya Foundation in Babalpur village of Jajpur district, has been raising awareness across the country for 482 days today through various branches, risking their lives.
Wth the guidance of Chinmaya Foundations National Chairperson Mr.Chinmaya Dash, Children have been found to be providing textbooks, food, clothing and financial assistance to the poor and needy. 

Foundation distributes Mask,Soap, Sanitizer,O.R.S, Bleaching powder,Hand gloves for aware to the people. 

The foundations children's program Asha Akash Club ,the children’s Coordinator Sushree Prakruti Priya Pandav led by organized a weekly corona Awareness Campaign through Chakulia Panda( Chakulia Panda:A beggar person who aware to peoples through ancient & social song & story.He used a hanging bag with palm umbrella forever) songs at various places in Jajpur district. 

All the members including Treasure Madhusmita Nayak, Vice-chairman Surendra Pandav, Secretary Shashikanta Nayak,Ast-secretary Master Mihir Kumar are assisted.

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