Newspaper front pages for the 15th of July, 2021

The government’s guidance on bars continuing to use table service and face masks being worn in shops and while at work after 19 July has caused a backlash from businesses, who claim they are being left in “legal limbo”, according to The Times.
The weather is the lead on the front of the Daily Express, with the paper reporting temperatures could reach highs of 31C (88F) by Sunday.
The prime minister’s plan to remove the requirement for people to wear face masks on public transport is “in tatters” according to the Daily Mirror, which says six mayors have rebelled against Boris Johnson’s guidance.
The Daily Star leads with the story that two glasses of wine or a can of beer each day could help to save your life, according to new research.

Green taxes on motoring and flying are likely to be introduced as part of a government plan to reduce Britain’s transport emissions, according to The Daily Telegraph
The i claims the prime minister’s Brexit jet, which was supposed to be used to promote the UK abroad, has only been used for one VIP flight since its £900,000 paint job and is mostly used to refuel an RAF fighter plane that is patrolling the North Sea.

The Independent reveals Unilever, one of the world’s largest food companies, is set to introduce carbon footprint labels by the end of the year
The Financial Times reports the COVID Delta variant is wreaking havoc on businesses, with more than 700 workers at the UK’s biggest car factory self-isolating and some firms missing 20% of their staff.

Metro claims the country is facing “mask chaos” after the government backed transport companies who overrule its own law change which allows people to not wear them in confined spaces from Monday. It added London mayor Sadiq Khan has insisted coverings would still be compulsory on buses and the Tube.

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